University eSports League

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What is the UEL?

The University eSports league is a nationwide eSports tournament exclusively for university students, supported by Australia’s best and brightest tech employers as well as eSports powerhouses like ESL and Blizzard.

Find out how you can get the edge in securing an exciting graduate role in technology with some of Australia’s best employers all by playing games in the UEL.

UEL is open to everybody

The University eSports League is for those who are studying technology or have an interest in technology and meeting a number of employers who want to work with you in this space. The only criteria for participating in the UEL are the following attributes:

  • Must be studying at an Australian University
  • Must still be studying in Australia during 2017

If you’re still honing your skills - you can take part just by attending our studio finals in Sydney.

Why take part in the UEL?

Sick of boring presentations and careers fairs? Play games and level up your career, it’s as simple as that.

By taking part in the UEL, you’ll be directly interacting with Australia’s leading companies and their employees you might potentially be working along side after the UEL where you’ll be able to prove your worth in the UEL arena. You’ll also be helping to support and grow the eSports and gaming scene in Australia and will be a pioneer in this space.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be able to claim your share of the $10,000 UEL prize pool so enter today.

how it works
your game
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the UEL
Battle the
online cups
Finalists flown to
Sydney- studio final
The finer details
Form your teams, ready your champions and build your decks where you’ll be competing online through a variety of online cups. After you’ve claimed your place in the next stage - ESL will be running studio broadcasted online finals where if victorious, you’ll be flown to Sydney to compete in a studio finals. The finals are in ESL’s purpose built eSports arena in front of a studio audience made up of Some of Australia’s best tech employers and students to cheer you on.